Manners according to PTB

There’s a simple custom that has been lost.  We’re determined to bring it back.  The hostess gift.  According to Emily Post hostess gifts should be simple and heartfelt.  Even better?  Handmade.

Casual dinner, formal dinner, or weekend visit a hostess gift from Portage Trail Barn won’t break the bank and will spread the joy of this season.  We have plenty of ideas for you.

  1. hostess towel
  2. wine in a wine bag made from repurposed upholstery fabric
  3. dishcloths
  4. coasters
  5. small seasonal decorations for their home
  6. ornaments
  7. set of cloth napkins
  8. fun magnets
  9. journals for the bookworms
  10. greeting cards to be sent as a thank you