Huma’s Hats

I have met a vendor on a mission.  To warm our heads in style.  Huma’s Hats is today’s vendor preview and I am so thankful to work with her.  She is a client of Blick Clinic.  I had never heard of this organization before.  Here’s a bit from their website

To Enhance the Lives of People with Disabilities

To be the first choice for comprehensive services for people with disabilities.

Our fundamental belief is every individual has the potential to grow and learn and every individual continually strives for independence and well-being.

Huma’s favorite past time is to work with yarn on a loom.  She makes hats in a variety of colors, sizes, and yarns. Think soft pastels for babies, bright school colors for each of your students, and rich hues of soft yarn for you!

She has available 125 different hats (minus the two I already bought myself) and they are only $4 a piece.  I know what your saying…$4 is WAY TOO LOW of a price for a beautiful loom knit hat.  But she is asking $4 and will use the money to continue her hobby of knitting!  Please consider supporting this crafter by buying hats for everyone on your list!

Huma's Hats