Out of the blue…an answer

I go through a process while setting up the Barn for a sale.  It isn’t what I would call a pretty process, but it works.  Only once have a broken a display piece in what I will call my “enthusiasm for inanimate objects to obey my command despite the laws of physics”…and my mom glued that shelf back together.

Today I was hitting that wall (not with the shelf or anything) and I sat down to take a look at what I might need.  A car pulled into the parking lot and I thought to myself…silly shopper, no early birds!  But no it was my answer.  I had stopped at a garage sale two years ago and admired a bench with places for plants.  She wasn’t selling it, but using it for display.  She remembered I liked it and wanted me to have it now that she didn’t have space for it.  That isn’t going to help me in the Barn.  That’s going in my yard to make me smile.  But the other piece she had in her car bound for the donation center was a low sturdy coffee table.  I snagged that right up and got back to work.

Ok almost back to work, I just wanted to share that with you.  I hope it makes you smile, too.