A few of my favorite things

I haven’t done a list for you in quite a long time!  Well this one is a list of my favorite things from the Winter Barn Sale 2013!

  1. The very first shopper on opening night Thursday was a Carolina Wren.  She looked everything over, knocked over a few fabric trees, and settled down under the ladder.  I helped her relocate and she and the wren friend that was waiting outside were relieved.
  2. I helped a customer buy a gift for a friend…who was also at the Barn Sale!  She pulled me aside and secretly paid me.  It was a treat to be apart of someone’s Christmas surprise.
  3. My college roommate and one of the Barn vendors came up for an overnight visit in between sales and helped me get “reset”.  Having her here was a highlight!
  4. My friend and supervisor from when I was a camp counselor in high school paid us a surprise visit.  Seems her sister lives locally and she was able to combine a trip.
  5. It was two weeks long!  I really had a good time being open for more days.  I hope you enjoyed having more shopping options!
  6. I’ve already made three sweater trees for next year.  No rest for the weary.
  7. I had more vendors than ever before…and more shoppers!  Thanks to everyone who came out.