Organize a craft room…of a different nature

I am an organizing girl.  I love lists, labels, and bins.  Forget the white sales of January…I just want baskets, tubs, tins, and shelving on sale before the haze of New Years resolutions wears off.  And being a crafter in the business of selling my wares I have a need for an organized craft room.  Simple, right?  Not so when you are a repurposer.

First, as a repurposer I want to choose my furniture and supplies wisely.

My goals are:

  1. Do without
  2. Make it myself
  3. Buy secondhand
  4. Buy local

Those are pretty much my universal rules, but when it comes to craft room organizing it’s hard.  I blame Pinterest.  Seriously, how many Ikea perfect craft rooms must I subject myself to before I realize it will be what it’ll be…a combination of all of my goals.  I’ll make what I can, buy what I need.  Move on.

Second, the nature of the items I use to craft doesn’t lend itself to cute ribbon spools and stacks of same sized paper in rainbow color.

Scrapbookers and quilters have it made, but repurposers have such a variety of supplies to store.  In contrast, here is my ribbon and there’s my paper.

craft room ribbon Craft Room Paper

And I love that I use scraps and old books.  But it also means I have to up my game for how I store things.  So here it is folks.  A behind the scenes look at where I make the Portage Trail Barn magic.


craft room messNot so magical, huh?  Well it’s not supposed to look this way.  I tore it apart right after we got back from a New Years family vacation.  We went to Washington, D.C. and it was wonderful, thanks for asking.

I have high hopes for the transitions we’ll be making.  Next up, I’ll show you a bit more of how I manage my fabrics and cloth.


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