File it away…smart fabric storage

I don’t buy any of my fabric.  Seriously, I haven’t bought anything off a bolt in at least four years.  Once people find out you craft for a living they beat down your door to give you their scraps or cast offs.  Or they don’t knock at all and just leave it on your front porch.


It is a happy organizing problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.  Garbage bags full of fabric are not conducive to the creative process, so I started filing away my fabric and am so pleased with the results.

I use a ratty old file folder and smooth the fabric out to the size of the folder.  Then I wrap it up and pin it so it doesn’t come off the “bolt”.  I can see the edge to find the right color.


This has also allowed me to organize fabric by type.  Each fabric has its own box.  I also fold the clothes I repurpose much like you would fold clothes in a drawer.


The fabric is the most straightforward storage in my craft room.  It’s the items I repurpose that become challenging.  But that is a post for another day…stay tuned.


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