Classes at Portage Trail Barn

I am a teacher by nature.  Actually, I’m a nature teacher.  My educational background is in Outdoor Education and Natural Resources.  I worked as a naturalist before creating Portage Trail Barn.  I miss teaching.  A lot.  I want to teach again.  I love sharing ideas and learning from my students as much as I do teaching them.  So, inquiring minds want to know…do you want classes available from Portage Trail Barn?  When do you want them offered?  What class fee would fit your budget?

Okay, wait, wait, let’s do this an easier way.  I’m formulating a survey (actually my business manager is doing it because, she rocks) about Portage Trail Barn communication and notifications.  I’ll be posting that soon.  I have included questions about classes in that survey so if this is something you would like to have PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch the blog for the survey.


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