This is a first for me

I have been lucky to have a variety of wonderful jobs in my life. Met great people, learned about the world and myself, and contributed to my community. I’ve also had jobs that have sucked.

It makes sense that while working the crappy jobs I would often be thinking of other things…my days off, the evening plans, even the chores I had to do. Things from my personal life.

It also makes sense that during the “good” jobs I was more mentally involved, but once I left work that was it. I left work at work. There’s nothing wrong with that and it can often provide balance. But I have always had a hard time getting back into work after time at home. Dread. I’m talking about dread. Nobody likes to dread going to work.

But this great little shop that I started? It’s different. Not only do I lose myself in the Barn while I’m there, I also look forward to working. So much so that I find myself thinking of my projects while I’m going about my home life.  It is a relief.  To be doing something that I love.  That I hope makes a difference in my community.  That is important to my family and to me.  Thank you all for being a part of that.

Summer Set Up


2 thoughts on “This is a first for me

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when you find something you love doing! I am a retired (due to 35 years of hairspray which has created lung trouble) hairstylist. Even knowing what I know now, I would still go back and do another 35 years. I never dreaded it ever! I love people, great outlet for my creative side which makes up 3/4’s of me, and I got to use my brain all day. Most of the world believe under achievers get into the hair business, not possible, you have to be a pre med student, chemist, sanitation expert, creative, therapist, have the knowledge of running a business and the most important of all skills, people skills.
    I am thrilled for you that you love what you are doing, I have had that experience and will forever be grateful
    Robin Francin

  2. Robin- I am glad that you too have had this experience. It’s great to hear that the good outweighed the bad and that you have such wonderful memories of it!

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