Fairy Garden supplies from Repurposed Materials

I love Fairy Gardens!  I love the idea of them, the look, the process of making an entire teeny world.  I mean to me a fairy garden is a magical doll house outside.  I also love shopping for my fairy garden, but I don’t like the price tags that can come with some of the simple accessories.  Many of them can be handmade and even better can be made out of repurposed materials.  So what is a repurposer to do?  That’s right…offer simple, inexpensive, Fairy Garden Supplies at the Spring Barn Sale!

Fairy Garden

  • Marble gazing globes
  • Fences
  • Tile walkways
  • Garden ponds and pools
  • Simple furniture
  • Mushrooms
  • And other pieces that you can transform into your perfect accessory!

You may notice that our garden doesn’t have many plants.  We’re planting some this spring and we’d love to hear some suggestions on what species to use.  Leave us a comment below with your ideas!  Do you use annuals?  Groundcovers?  Specialty fairy garden varieties?  Can’t wait to hear your ideas!


And once we find out what plants to use, we’ll be ready to buy all the accessories we need from the Spring Barn Sale May 1 from 3-8 pm and May 3 from 9 am-4 pm!




2 thoughts on “Fairy Garden supplies from Repurposed Materials

  1. Hi Mary Beth,
    Suncrest Gardens has a wide variety fairy garden plants, not sure of the cost,

  2. Thanks for that info Robin! I was able to visit Suncrest Gardens yesterday and picked up four plants for our garden. Stonecrop in a billion varieties was a common fairy garden one. There was also this adorable sensitive fern that “hid” its leaves when you brush up against it. Magical!

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