Around the Barn: Repurposed Garden Art

Even though it’s too early to work on my food gardens…I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time in my cut flower and landscape gardens.  I let a lot of the dead flowers and stalks overwinter to provide a more natural habitat for wildlife (that’s naturalist code for saying I’m too lazy in the Fall to do it) and I love getting in there to rake and cut out the debris…a final good bye to winter.  It’s also time to add back in a few of my favorite garden pretties.  Most made from repurposed goods and many sold at the Barn.  I caught a few pictures to give you a taste of what I use to decorate around the Barn and what you might find at the Spring Barn Sale May 1 from 3-8 and May 3 from 9-4.

Reclaimed Chainsaw Chain Fern Fronds: Portage Trail Barn

Chainsaw Chain Fern Fronds

Metal Junk Flowers

Metal Junk Flowers

Plastic Cap Flowers: Portage Trail Barn

Repurposed Flowers

Boot Planters: Portage Trail Barn

Boot Planters

Glass Flowers