Craft Office Move and Renovate!

Big changes in the Little Blue House here.  It’s time to move our three boys to the large upstairs room.  Which means hubby and I have to move to the room off the living room.  Which means my craft office has to move where the older two boys used to sleep.  Phew!  That makes me tired…and excited!  I get to organize and design my new craft office from the ground up.

Step One: Go to Ikea.

Portage Trail Barn: Ready for a shopping trip

Ready for a shopping trip!

Portage Trail Barn: Trip to Ikea


Portage Trail Barn: Roadtrip

Partners in crime- Tabitha and Mary Beth

Step Two: Put together 5,000 pieces of furniture.  And live in the Living Room for a time.

Portage Trail Barn: Living in the Living Room

Step Three: Move all five Filons into large upstairs room while I obsessively organize and walk back and forth between the old office and the new office.

Should be exciting!  Stay tuned for the progress.


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