The World of Barn Sales

My family and I enjoy camping on the weekends.  It takes us to new places and resets our minds for the week to come.  For Father’s Day we ventured north to Punderson State Park.  Along the way we stumbled upon this sign.

Other Barn Sale Sign

Another Barn Sale?  What was it going to be like?  Was it tools and old junk?  Handcrafted and vintage goodness?  Either way I had to check it out.

Other Barn Sale

They have chickens, too!

Inside other Barn Sale

A little bit of everything.

It was a delightful mix of antique, vintage, and yard sale goods.  I didn’t get to talk with the owners, but I’m so glad I stopped.

Small Wood Car

I picked up this sweet little wood car for my kids.

And another thing I stumbled upon, this time in the cyber world is The Barn Sale Business.

Finding this site brought an overwhelming sense of camaraderie.  Here is a site and blog all about hosting, attending, and vending at Barn Sales!  Ha!  Just like mine!  WOW!  So cool.  Please check out their upcoming events and follow them to help support this cool resource.  And watch for little ol’ me to appear in the listing for the Fall Barn Sale!

So here’s to the strong community of Barn Sales!