How to be a vendor

Not sure if you’re a good fit at the Barn?

  • We support small business
  • We support local crafters and artists
  • We look for creative, unique, traditional and practical items for kids, adults, families, homes, gardens, and gifts
  • We love things made out of repurposed materials and do not support wasteful crafting
  • We do not do drama

Come to a sale, like us on Facebook, follow the blog, and give applying for a sale a try.  You never know until you try!

Before each sale we email past vendors, post on the blog, and ask on Facebook for anyone interested in being a vendor to email

Email should include-

1. Name, business name

2. Address, phone number, email and website

3. Describe the items you make, how many of each kind you plan on providing for the sale, and a price for each kind of item.

4. Include two high quality photographs of an example of your work.  This could be used in promoting the sales.

Portage Trail Barn –

  • will choose the number and type of items based on our complete current inventory
  • is open to suggestions for displaying, but will display items as we see fit


  • photos could be used on the blog and Facebook to promote you, your business, and the sale

Drop off-

  • a group drop off date, usually a week before the sale, will be announced as soon as you become an approved vendor
  • alternative drop off dates can be scheduled if necessary
  • Portage Trail Barn will make a list of items, cost, and quantity at drop off for our records
  • if you require a list for your inventory please make one before the drop off
  • bring items in a hard plastic container large enough for everything to fit inside (obvious exclusions are made for large items)
  • label the plastic container with your name to ensure you get it back

Pricing and Tagging-

  • must be tagged or marked and priced prior to drop off
  • vendor fees are discussed one on one


  • NOT required to be present at any of the sale hours
  • pass out flyers, promote on Facebook and blogs, invite friends and family to shop the sale